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Please read our frequently asked questions. The below may answer some worries or give a better understanding to our services provided. Feel free to get in touch if you have any further enquiries for your cleaning service.

FAQs: Features

Do I need to be home for my cleaning service?

No. You can arrange access for the team by providing entry options such as leaving a spare key at our Office, use a lock box or leave a key in a safe place for the team to use for entry, always let the Office know where this will be kept.

What is included in a general clean?

Our general cleaning services are designed to provide a general clean of kitchens, bathrooms, all dusting and a vacuum and mop of floors.
To get the most out of your cleaning service we ask that your home be left relatively tidy so the team are able to focus on their cleaning duties and provide a quality of service that is up to your standard.
Our teams are two or three man teams per home and we always use fresh, clean materials i.e. micro-fibre cloths, mops in each home; never the same materials from home to home.

Can I book the same team?

As much as we aim to keep consistency for our teams and clients, this can't always be guaranteed as this does fall upon staffing availability but we always do our best to keep the same team within the same suburbs to provide comfort and reassurance for your peace of mind.

What happens if I need to cancel last minute?

As we operate by a scheduling system and we set our teams and schedules upon your confirmation, a 50% cancellation fees does apply for all bookings cancelled after we have received your confirmation.

Do you treat mould?

Our teams generally don't specialize in treating mould but we do our best to remove as much as we can but please note any stubborn stains and mould can not always be removed; this may require grout or silicon removal which we don't do.

What happens if damages occur during the cleaning service?

Please contact our Office on 0467 221 792 and send through any images to Please note that Cinderella's Touch Cleaning is under no obligation to address any concerns or claims after 48 hours of your cleaning service being completed.

What if an area is missed once the team have completed the clean?

We understand that sometimes an area may get missed during a cleaning service; this may occur because the team have taken time to focus on another area that required more attention; we are able to rectify this by ensuring the team always catch anything missed on the next clean or if arranged with our Office, we can send a team back the same or following day to cover what was missed as long as this has been communicated to our Office on the day of your cleaning service and depending on the severity of the area missed.

What are your waste management procedures?

RECYCLING: As every home is different we follow client preference with rubbish disposal. We prefer to recycle as best we can, if the correct bins are provided so the team are able to dispose of the rubbish accordingly.
If your home recycles please let us know so we can make note of this for the team before they arrive.
We kindly ask that the rubbish is sorted prior to the team's arrival as we don't encourage our teams to sort through rubbish for hygiene purposes.
ANIMAL / HUMAN WASTE: We do NOT handle any materials, surfaces, items or objets that contain or show traces of animal and human waste, feces, urine or similar. Pet toileting areas, nappy changing bins etc will not be cleaned by our teams.

Can you clean inside our toilet bowl?

Due to obvious health hazards and contamination risks, we don't carry or use our own toilet brushes to clean inside toilets.
A toilet brush must be provided by the client for any home or job.

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